Four Aspects of Self

The current individual has inherited many teachings. A common theme in many of these is "know thy self". The following is a description of four aspects of self, thus we can modify this typical theme referring to it as "know thy selves". This Four Aspects of Self description provides a general framing which is then expanded upon. By layering astrological alignments from an individual's natal chart over the four aspect model, in addition to the planetary alignments and their aspects present at birth, a blueprint, or road map, related to an individual's experiences emerges.

The four aspects of self are founded from a basic and simplistic look at astrological models. Beginning with a circle, which can represent an astrological chart, draw a line horizontally through the center. Everything above the line is the outer self and everything below the line is the inner self. Using the same circle draw a line through the center, this time vertically. Everything to the left of the line will be considered collective and everything to the right, personal. Placing both vertical and horizontal lines on the circle at the same time creates four quadrants.

The four quadrants and basic description:
quadrant 1 bottom left inner collective
quadrant 2 bottom right inner personal
quadrant 3 top right outer personal
quadrant 4 top left outer collective

To assist in communicating the "four aspects of self" model the following names are adopted:
inner collective - temporal self.
inner personal - inspired self.
outer personal - relationship self.
outer collective - social self.

To service a more definitive meaning the four selves are individually described. Use the left side menu bar to view each individual description.

Originally introduced in Pathfinder Report July 2007

Astrologer * William Oulton

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