Gathering Authenticity

Self acceptance cannot deny the magical inner child. Playfulness opens multi-dimensional doorways and connects us to the dynamics of joy and celebration. Ardent determination tunes us into the songs we love to sing and heralds the return of our Soul's memory. Through self acceptance you can feel this gentle reality of bliss as an allowing wisdom. Intentions to remember an authentic self will assist in bringing joy to the front line where we share our frequency with others. Accepting opportunities is the journey, turning so called adversity into pure truth as this is what it was from the beginning. There is no distortion or denial in our actions when we accept and flow with the higher meaning of our current place in the denser worlds of manifested polarization. Look for opportunity then to purge ignorance from the mind as you elevate adversity to higher common denominators. Intimate connections with others are necessary as they play out like set-ups from Spirit. There is no denying of our perfection from Spirit and so clarity here gives us a revitalized look at self importance. We have the opportunity to focus on the place where our authenticity originated. Assertiveness is based on some form of self definition. The source of assertiveness will be revealed through dynamics with others where deep roots, passions and the material manifestations they correlate with model current material dilemmas. Fleshing out the old paradigm from your belief system sometimes means getting right down in there and making adjustments to core beliefs. This is necessary as awakening permeates all levels of being. Glory to you who holds the frequency of divine non-chalance and feels the intimate source of unlimited joy flooding through identity. Your cleverness is indicative of your knowing "I am the writer of my experience, all is opportunity designed by my compassionate self". The ideals which an individual holds in regards to fairness and justice are to include the infinite power of their God heritage.

Misunderstandings are being purged on the deepest level of dualistic living, there is an underworld transformation occurring which is literally freeing the spiritual aspect of self such that the authentic self will inherit these denser worlds of form and mind. As your authentic self your ideals of security are a blessing to others. Our plans play out in a way that they too feel honored. Our depth of understanding a situation and the actions we are taking are apart of a much larger grand network of light which has planted its seed all over. The ideals of others and their actions work magically with our own, as if we are joined at the hip. Much sorting out of details is done in the dream-scape where you may be involved in astral/spirit business meetings.

There is a new world birthing itself and we are apart of this divine plan.

Originally published in Awakening magazine October 2006

Astrologer * William Oulton

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