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05 Sunday April 22nd - Moon enters Leo 1:10 PM
Venus ingress Gemini Tuesday April 24th 12:41 PM
Erasing history typically occurs by overrunning it. Cities for example make room for new buildings by tearing down the older ones. New stories are written with new truths burying some previous or original story. Individuals who like to express their idea can do so not knowing what has already been expressed and realized in the same area of interest. Whoever yells the loudest is the one who is heard? Childish immature expression can wipe out and destroy the development of a culture if given the path to do so. Is it incorrect to protect culture development and evolution by restraining the rambunctious ignorant want-a-bees? The "this is what I want" urge of self expression is examined as the Moon transits Leo. In order to gain recognition, a fame, a significance within their social peer group it would be convenient if the individual has accomplished something of relative importance. Some may attempt to become relevant within their social group by daring to do something which can bring a note of significance to their name. External validation is surely the demon of humanity who lacks self love and lacks a conscious connection with their higher self. Self proclaimed experts who lack awareness, self assurance, and the humility of being anonymous will eventually be challenged by their own proclamations. Some will be bitten by a need to be important and yet are they acting out their own lack of self acceptance? This is a good time for the individual to examine and know their significance, their power, absent of the need to have it verified because others have noted and qualified it.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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