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04 Tuesday February 20th - Moon enters Taurus 2:13 PM
This can be a good couple of days to just settle down and relax, assuming it has been hectic recently. With that said there is an inclination to reject apparent non-real notions, or lets just call it delusions and fantasies, yet it can be kept in check as musings or entertainment. Of course any such musings do have significant meaning, although such meaning will can typically escape the ego. Just to be clear "ego" here refers to the logical mind or one's conscious lock on their local reality. The fantasy foray however takes our attention, our conscious attention, outside this space. If our life has become overly complicated this may cause us to feel uneasy now. With the Moon transiting Taurus many will seek simplicity as a method to calm themselves. In the meantime those with big, big optimistic ideas, which are directly reasoned as a way by which security can be ensured, these individuals with their exaggerated ideas can be troubling to those who's security is tied into the actions they are suggesting. Ideally we want to keep things simple, at least for now. If one is feeling pressured to go along with some security plan of another, like an investment or money plan, it is a good time now to be clear as to how one feels about the plan. Look for the holes in it if it feels like it is not completely thought out. In other words if a sales pitch is being presented look for the realistic common sense perspective and be practical and clear that it is sound. Those who are experienced with maintaining security will be good, those who are newbies would do well to be careful and also be ready to learn from mistakes.

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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