Aspect 4 of 4: Social Self

The Social Self or Oneness Self merges the individual with the outer collective. From the perspective of this self the entire human collective can be seen as a single entity. We are one. The Social Self explores their individual connection in regards to all things public and social, as such this aspect of self knows itself relative to community. This self discerns dynamics from the perspective of humanities oneness. What as a humanity we do have in common? Social harmony and community peace come other under this umbrella, as do professional reputation community reputation and feeling humanities emotional body. In terms of the collective emotional body we include being concerned about others, volunteering to do community service and being charitable. The environment in terms of weather or the conditions under which humanities must survive are also included. Public regulations, social morays, which imply or define social paradigms are also engaged and either accepted or rejected by the oneness self.

A key to knowing this self is divine inspirational indifference, the individuality of each person is accepted as their chosen expression of authenticity. In accepting the inspirational expressions of each person the individual who is aware of this Social Self, this Oneness Self, will be privy to Creator's brilliance. Creator's brilliance is indicative in Creator's allowing nature, all is allowed. This is known through the belief that all, each individual, does indeed create their own reality.

Originally introduced in Pathfinder Report July 2007

Astrologer * William Oulton

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