The New Boundaries

Precision in the most practical sense stands now before us. Blind spots, obliviousness, are summed up in the statement "you don't know what you don't know". And yet this statement of admission is one which is birthed more from linear logic than from memory. The capacity to retrieve the memory of one's Soul journey embraces many vistas. The body, our body, as inclusive to the film of organic life which covers this planet, our home, has indeed demonstrated a capacity to exceed the limitations of liner logic. The symbioses of planetary organic life holds within it a knowing of things which are acted upon in the most matter of fact way. In a sense we are, as individuals keen on evolving and busting limitation, simply reminded to get out of our own way. The discovery of acknowledging our organic creature-hood, of loving and embracing this amazing entity, Gaia, sends a signal through us which has a sensual construction. The innocence and sweetness of the goddess is here. Precision in commitment, in discerning what is real, is a practical matter. In a practical astuteness do we consider that we are Spirit having a human experience? As Saturn moves through Virgo our precision, the quality of our precision, is called to be upgraded. Many laws made by man may now be in question. Who we are as Spirit, who we are as Human, the reality of these things is blatantly shown to us. Our ability to trust our connection with Gaia, with Creator, extends to our immediate awareness when we trust our body's dynamic inner processes. Who knows health? We are designed to be something, as human creatures we are designed to be in harmony with Earth. If we are proceeding obliviously to this, if we have blind spots in our most practical sense of priority what will our body do, what will our body say? Where logic has been lead astray the Moon will surely prompt our feeling attention. The discovery of the real Earth as an ancient being is within us, in our blood and bone. In terms of logic it is not so much what we need to get, rather it is an astute dismissal of what we thought we got. Living our integrity we are discovering how to get out of our own way.

Originally published in Pathfinder Report December 2008

Astrologer * William Oulton

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