Self Trust

You are an energy master, yes? Does that feel right to you? Energy dynamics are being designed by such a master and appear as set-ups in the denser realms of duality. The power of admission, admitting, is revealing the truth of our awesome power which is absolute and solid within it's own harmonic integrity. Everyone creates their own experience, always. If we are consciously aware of this or not does not matter, not one bit, we are still scripting our own experiences. As we acquire a skill for trusting the teacher, the energy master, we know certain events as opportunities. Opportunities to experience our intentions in action. When and if our inspired intentions collide with established orders we will know their relevancy simply by following how we feel about any such collisions. Trusting the teacher we merge and integrate other portions of ourselves, we act as and become an energy master. Our constant awareness of our multi-dimensional existence is revealed to us, we are remembering an authentic self.

Originally published in Pathfinder Report September 29 2008.

Astrologer * William Oulton

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