Aspect 1 of 4: Temporal Self

The temporal self, or the bio mechanical self, springs from the inner collective. It is our inner self which will seek entrainment to the collective presence of Gaia. To appease this aspect we dynamically become involved in personal energy management, we pursue terrestrial paradigms. Through the temporal self we experience instinctual behavior, physical survival, and all things related to the mechanics of the human bio-vehicle. The temporal self lives through the five senses experiencing food as what we eat breathe and experience as impressions. The concern is physical survival which is motivated by a primordial impulse. This primal influence leads to social interactions through tribal beliefs. It knows itself as socially dependant and lives within a time space reality.

Each individual human can be seen as a temporal self, a self which both broadcasts a signal and receives five sense data. These two elements, sending and receiving, are tallied where the process of tallying creates the experience of the bio mechanical mind.

An evolved temporal self is aligned to divine emotional indifference. This means that the emotional self is trusted and the innate insight of the temporal self is made available to the conscious human. Aware that it is nourished by Gaia this self will entrain to the local environment through rhythm sound, dance, and chant, through ceremony and celebration. This self functions through the reptilian brain possessing an innate intelligence which is ancient. Much of this ancient intelligence lies dormant awaiting our acknowledgement consideration and love. When we love our physical vehicle we allow this aspect of self to come alive and align with ancient wisdom. In a partial dormant state humans run on automatic pilot and are unaware that this self must be married and harmonized to the other three aspects of self.

Originally introduced in Pathfinder Report July 2007

Astrologer * William Oulton

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