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14 Sunday January 14th - Moon enters Capricorn 2:43 PM
Jupiter sextile Pluto Monday 11:15 PM January 15th
Citizens of the world have been unwieldily for a few years now. The hidden control through the front of supposed elected governments, where relevant, has been over burden with maintaining their specific will as the feeling of freedom from the average citizen has been overwhelming to the stealthy secret governments, assuming such exists. It's a simple matter of seeing Uranus transit Aries and knowing thought creates where by the pooling of peoples energy worldwide has made it overwhelming and impossible for deceivers to continue their agenda. A scattering of the deceivers has been occurring as well, those in the past who had a clear handle on governing while remaining somewhat hidden to the general public can no longer participate in such a fruitful greedy life, again assuming such exists. If there has been a hidden or stealth control over fake news and fake governments then those who were in the thick of the secrecy are most certainly experiencing devastating changes. Either way a system of order, real order with integrity and good will, will likely begin to formulate during the coming Moon cycle in Capricorn. Of course this can only happen after the so called bad guys and their control systems are destroyed. It's like the phoenix has risen and phase one is to destroy that which is no longer needed followed by phase two which is the rebuild. Just like the tide at the beach, each time after the tide goes out all the sand castles are reduced to the basic pattern of nature. What castles in our regulated world have been washed out by the tide and what new worlds will we build?

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Astrologer * William Oulton

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